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Groups App

Category: Fun , Education.
Languages: Arabic , English.
Available online : Yes.
Compatibility: Computer browsers : Chrome browser , Safari browser , Opera browser . Not working on Firefox browser and internet explorer browser.
App Link: App website .
Download Link: Dropbox link.
Description :
Groups App is an application where you can create a number of classes and each class you can choose the number of groups from one to six groups, each group has its own tree you can put apples according to the type enhance of the group. There are three colors for apples: red apples per apple red two points added to the group automatically, apple yellow each apple one point, while black apples lose the group one point, and each color has different click. The application calculates points of all groups automatically and saves points and apples automatically when put them on the group tree.
Notes :
- All icons , images and videos on this app created by me.
- It is an application on the Internet, but for easy use without the Internet and is available to the user at any time and does not need the Internet. The application data is stored in the browser database. If the browser changes, the data and data are deleted. If you delete the browser data or retrieve the default settings for the browser itself, please save the data continuously to retrieve it in case of loss in any way. You can download it from this link .

App Video :